5 Android Apps to Customise and Breathe a New Life in Your Phone


Android is a world of customisation. If you own an Android device and still haven't customised it according to your style and needs you've been staying in the dark for a long long time. When you buy an Android phone, every phone comes with a skin which the manufacturer pushes on top of android so that the device looks different than the others. Be it HTC with the Sense UI, Samsung's Touchwiz or Sony's Timescape UI; all of them certainly lack aesthetics. With these android apps to customise your device in which we're gonna make sure that your device looks well aesthetically great as well as make your device faster, these apps are launchers, task managers, file managers and utility apps to make out the best of your phone.

1. Nova Launcher 

A highly customisable launcher with tons of features to make your phone look sleek and stylish. It has built in support for themes and icon packs which you can download straight off from Play Store. Added to this Nova Launcher allows infinite scrolling, transitions while changing homescreens and also within the app drawer. The one function that I use the most is the gesture support with which we can use swipe gestures to access notification panel, app drawer, settings etc. Nova Launcher packs in a bunch of useful stuff for both normal and power users.


2. ES File Explorer

With 300 million+ downloads on the Play Store ES file manager trend leader on Android! It has been rated as the best resource management tools on the Play Store. Its free, feature-packed file and application manager. This app works like a charm with all-in-one features like : file manager, application manager, task killer, download manager, cloud storage client, FTP client and what not. It allows users to manage their resources freely and in a much better manner. It also allows the users to share files from within the app. If you're file manager is slow and buggy, ES is a go! go!

3. AfterFocus

Does your phone's camera suck? AfterFocus is the solution for you. Though your phone doesn't have a 41 MP Sensor like the Lumia 1020 or 4 MP UltraPixel camera like HTC One, you still can have DSLR style photos with your current android device. What AfterFocus does it that it allows you to change the focus area in the picture that you've captured. Select the area where you want the focus and then the rest of the area will be blurred automatically, you can adjust the amount of blur, apply filters etc. There's a free version as well as a paid version for the app. I'd recommend buying the paid version because it allows tons of other functionality like Edge Feathering, more filters etc.



As we said earlier, android is a world of customisation and UCCW proves just that. UCCW is a WSWYIG(What You See Is What You Get) editor allowing the users to customise layout, fonts, images, shapes etc in a widget. Without the need of installing a custom ROM or a special launcher, you can make your device look great with this app.  The app allows you to place custom clock, battery, weather widgets which either you can make or download them right up from the Play Store.


5. Clean Master

Clean Master is an all-in-one Cache cleaner, RAM booster, antivirus and memory management app. It allows you to clean all the junk files, cache, uninstall apps and clear RAM. It has been rated as the #1 app in the memory management category because it does everything that it says without a gliche. With a homescreen widget you can automatically clear RAM without the need of going into the task manager to do this. Thus, if your phone is slow and is using up a little too much of memory, use Clean Master and simplify these issues.

That's all from our top 5 app list but feel free to leave comments, telling about your top apps that breathes a new life in your phone.

Also you can tweet out any questions that you have to @justmalhar, I'll make sure to reply to everyone's questions.

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