Lottery games are usually a matter of luck. The chances of winning any prize in the lottery is 1 in 54. There is no definitive strategy that anyone can utilize to predict the winning numbers. You can play once and emerge a mega winner or you can try several times and hope that you win on one of those attempts. However, there are a few who assert that they can actually predict lottery results and help participants win though it is not always a guarantee. You can check out for some winning tips. Here are 4 of those tips that you can use to win big in Singapore.



  1. Try a Mix of Even and Odd Numbers

After analyzing winning numbers for more than 50 years, a pattern emerges in which one can follow to have a chance of winning. The rule is usually That which happens most often is most possible and That which happens least often is least possible. This means that numbers that have only occurred five percent of the time have a 95% likelihood of losing. The pattern of the winning numbers indicate that winning numbers are in most cases a mix of both odd and even numbers. It is only one percent of the time have there been a winning pattern in which all numbers were either even or odd.

  1. Consider a Mix of High Half-Low Half or Low Half-High Half Numbers

The lottery is composed of 49 numbers from which participants have to choose six numbers. These numbers are divided into Low Half, 1-24 and High Half, 25-49 numbers. If the six selected numbers match the winning number that is generated randomly, then you win the jackpot. It is very rare to find the winning number composed of numbers of only Low Half numbers or only High Half numbers. You are advised to select numbers from either half in the ratio of 2/4, 4/2 or 3/3. Patterns of winning numbers show that the winning ticket number has numbers drawn from either half 80% of the time.

  1. Pull Resources Together

While there is no sure way of calculating the winning lottery number, there is always an advantage if you pull resources together. You can form a group of a few people and play several times hoping that one of the entries will have the winning combination or at least a bonus. However, limit your spending on the lottery as it can bankrupt you if you play irresponsibly. Always remember that it is mostly a matter of luck and stick to your budget.

  1. Track Numbers Winning Numbers

The past winning numbers usually have a consistent pattern. You will notice that there is a group of numbers that are often missing from most winning tickets. Study the winning tickets over a period of time and determine that particular group. When selecting the numbers for your ticket, you can opt not to use numbers from that particular group as there will be a higher likelihood of the winning ticket to miss those numbers.


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