4 Summoners War Monsters That Start out Weak and Level up to Be Absolute Powerhouses Later on in the Game

The winning strategy for summoners war players is to find an awesome combination of monsters that allows you to progress in the game and come out on top.


Knowing which are the best mons summoners war takes a bit of time and reading through a guide or two as well as playing the game to find out for yourself which ones grow as you progress through the game and become powerful allies later on, just when you need them most.

Here are some pointers to help you pick out the best monsters.

Increase attack speed with Shaina

Shaina (Fire Chakram Dancer) has some impressive base stats to consider and some useful skills to have on your side in a battle.

The key point to remember about Shaina is that this character is capable of increasing the attack speed of ally monsters in the arena by an impressive 24%.

Shaina is considered to be one of the best monsters in the game and is regarded as one of the fundamental picks when building what can be considered to be an unrivaled ultimate speed auto ToA team.

Increase the critical rate in the arena with Talia

You can get Talia (Water Chakran Dancer) in a variety of different places in the game, such as summoning stones, mystical scroll, and legendary scroll, plus a few others.

Talia is definitely one to have on your side if you have a need for speed and this monster’s key skill is the ability to increase the critical rate of ally monsters in the area by almost 25%.

One of her skills is that Talia has the ability to remove all harmful effects granted on yourself while managing to increase your attack power for a couple of turns.

Veromos is a good one for an early game boost

Another one to consider getting onside is Veromos Dark Ifrit especially if you want the chance to get ahead in the game using her skills.

One of the top skills you can call upon Veromos to deliver is super crushed.

This move means she will set out to attack all of your enemies and put them on the back foot with some proportionate damage. If you also use the mega-smash skillVeromos will attack with magical powers and allow you to take advantage of a scenario where she inflicts damage that increases according to attack speed.

You always need a good defense monster

A great strategy for summoners war is getting a decent team on your side where you have strengths in all areas, from attack to defense, and Skogul (Wind Giant Warrior) is a 4-star pick for your defensive strategy.

If you use Skogul’s iron throw you will be reducing the enemy’s attack bar by 30% and with the weight of survival skill you could manage to increase your defense by as much as 50%.

To get the most out of these monsters and to use their strengths in all the right places as you progress you could also learn more about rune farming too.

Pick your monster allies with care and they will reward you with some vital skills that can help you level up.

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