4 reasons to start blogging now


In today’s world, most of us like to document our lives via social media streams like Facebook and Instagram.

However, if you want a better way to exercise your creative tendencies, then you should look to start a blog. It isn’t difficult to launch your own website, and the rewards can be vast. Better still, you can access the world rather than just the people on your friends list.

Blogs are playing an increasingly important role in society, and you can get involved now. Here are four reasons why you should!

Express Your Views

Most bloggers don’t just do it because they want to; it’s because they need to.

For a certain type of person, writing about a subject is therapeutic. Moreover, some writers gain genuine pleasure from discussing their passion or helping to educate others on the matter. That’s why the old cliché of ‘write about what you know’ is so crucial to blogging.

Whether it’s to educate or seek confirmation that others agree with your views, blogging is a fantastic platform.

Build Relationships

Another fantastic thing about blogging is that your readers will be interested in the chosen subject too. The fact your work can reach out to anyone around the world means that even niche topics can gain big followings.

The online blogging arena is a community. It can be used to build long lasting relationships with people who share common ground. Better still, these people might be able to educate you about the subject too.

Getting involved with the blogging spirit is vital. Write guest posts, interact with other blogs, and immerse yourself in the community. You’ll see great results for your site but also gain more enjoyment.

Earn Money

What better way to make money then by writing about your favourite hobby or passion? The online world has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, and there are ample opportunities for bloggers to earn revenue.

Successful bloggers can even turn their hobby into a full-time job. Running a small business that’s also fun has got to be a huge incentive for any aspiring bloggers.

Depending on the area of expertise, you may even get freebies sent your way. For example, fashion bloggers are often sent free items in return for writing advertorial blog posts about them.

Stand Out To Employers

Even if your blog is more of a leisurely activity, it can help you in the world of business. Having a blog will always go down well with employers.

Running a blog shows commitment and drive. It also highlights that you are up to date with new technology. Furthermore, it underlines your ability to express opinions through written communication. If your blog also hosts video posts, then it demonstrates your verbal skills too.

The blog is unlikely to be the deciding factor unless you are looking for a media based job, but it won’t do you any harm. If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to boost your prospects, this is the answer.

Bonus Reason: It's Not Difficult At All!

What makes blogging an appealing choice, apart from the reasons listed above, is the oft-neglected fact that starting your own blog nowadays is quite easy. The entire process of setting up your personal website takes just 4 steps and will require half an hour to complete.
Once you're all set up, it just takes dedication and diligence to regularly create meaningful and engaging content. It will take some practice to fully realize all the benefits listed in this article, but in the end you will learn a lot of new thing – which, in itself, is already a cause worth striving for.


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