4 Reasons PC Gaming Is Way Better Than Consoles

Anyone in the gaming world will know there’s a topic that’s often talked about called console wars. This is where fans of PlayStation and Xbox go head-to-head arguing over which system is best, while Nintendo fans watch Cartoon Network in peace.

Now and then another party comes into play; the PC gamers. These gamers believe PC gaming far eclipses console gaming, and they always come with plenty of reasons to back this up. Needless to say, nothing unites PlayStation and Xbox fans quite like a PC gamer.

As annoying as they may be, you can’t deny they do have some valid points. So, today’s blog post is going to look at this argument from the perspective of PC gamers. What exactly are the reasons PC gaming is better than consoles?


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Better Graphics

This is the number one thing any PC gamer will throw at the console lot to make their blood boil. While console lovers are fighting over the graphical prowess of the PlayStation Pro and Xbox One X, PC gamers are laughing as they play crystal clear graphics in high frame rates.

The truth is, PC games could play full 1080p 60fps games for years. Whereas, consoles are only just starting to offer HDR graphics and 4k capabilities. They’re lagging way behind, PCs have much better internal hardware that enables them to display games to their full potential – as long as you have the right monitor. If you want to play games purely to see amazing graphics, then there’s no reason to buy a console over a PC.

More Customization

The customization aspect of PC gaming often gets overlooked. Admittedly, I didn’t think about this until I did the research for this piece! With a games console, you’re pretty much stuck with the same thing, and it doesn’t change until you get a new one. Unless, you void the warranty and take it apart, but even then, it can be hard to customize and upgrade because there aren’t many parts available.

Gaming PC’s are often custom-built, which immediately means they can be customized to suit your personal needs from the start. But, as time goes by, new and improved things come out, and you can optimize your system performance with the latest PC gaming components. This means you don’t have to go out and buy an entirely new system, you can simply purchase a new graphics card or hard drive for your existing PC. There’s a deeper level of customization with PCs, and it means the machine can last longer too.


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While a top-of-the-range gaming PC is considerably more expensive than a console, it could work out cheaper over time. As mentioned above, you can customize this PC and change things inside it, so it lasts longer. Theoretically, you could have the same PC for a good ten years. In that time, it’s highly possible you might buy two or three different consoles. They provide better value for money, and that’s without mentioning games too.

Steam is the biggest PC gaming platform out there, and they often have deals and sales on downloadable games. Consoles now let you download games directly on the device, but they’re often way overpriced, and it could be a full year before they offer the same discounts as PC platforms. In essence, buying games can work out a lot cheaper when you use a PC.

To add to this, you also don’t have to pay to play online either. Regardless of what console you play on, both Sony and Microsoft make you sign up to play their games online.

More Choice

Finally, PC gamers are given way more games than console gamers. It’s rare you will find games that are console exclusives. However, some of the biggest games around are only on PC. This is because they tend to be so big and expansive that only PCs can handle them!

You get all the general releases that console gamers enjoy, plus a huge catalog of exclusives and indie games.

When you look at these argments, you can see why PC gamers get up on their high horse a lot! Am I saying console gaming is rubbish and you should sell your Xbox right now? Of course not, this was all just to see things from a different perspective. Console gaming has many benefits too, and maybe we’ll look at them in a future article. For now, if you’re maybe sitting on the fence about whether or not to start PC gaming, then this article has shown you some of the great benefits you could see.

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