4 Pieces of Hardware Every Hardcore PC Gamer Needs

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It takes more than talent to become a pro PC gamer. If your computer isn’t set up correctly for gaming, you might as well be going into a gunfight with a sword. Arming yourself against the other hardcore players involves buying a bit of tech. Of course, casual gamers shouldn’t shell out on such gadgets. However, if you’re the competitive type that wants to reach the top of those leaderboards every time, having this tech could greatly work to your advantage.

High quality microphone

When playing team games, being able to communicate clearly with other players is key. It’s time to throw out that muffled headset mic and buy a professional mic that will cut out the background noise. You don’t have to spend hundreds on a microphone – you can get some decent noise-cancelling microphones for under fifty quid. Such microphones can also greatly help outside the gaming sphere making Skype calls clearer and allowing you to break into vlogging (great if you want to start some gaming video tutorials).

Gaming mouse/gaming keyboard/controller

Your standard keyboard and mouse isn’t made for the punishment that gamers put them through. For that hotkey button mashing, you’ll need a durable keyboard that can also handle multiple keys being pressed simultaneously. More ergonomic mice meanwhile can give you more comfort and control when playing those FPS games. Alternatively, you could buy an Xbox controller and ditch the keys and mouse altogether.

A 4K screen

Catching that player in the distance before they see you may require having a sharp image quality – something you only get from a decent monitor. HD screens are already becoming old hat, now being replaced by even higher quality 4K screens (also known as UHD or Ultra High Definition).  Have a look at these best 4K gaming monitors to get an idea of the range available. You may wish to check your computer’s processing power first. Some hardcore players will go the extra mile and buy multiple screens so that they have even more visual capacity. However, doing this is not cheap and probably not worth forking out on if gaming is only a hobby.

PSU Tester

Many pro gamers will finely tune their PCs, tweaking hardware and software and often playing their computers to the very limits of their processing power. This will inevitably result in a few problems, which are best caught early using a power supply tester or PSU tester. Such a device can manage the voltage that’s going into your computer’s components and identify when things may need to be fixed. If you’re handy with a computer and have already made a few mods to your PC, it may be worth buying a few tools such as screwdrivers and spare parts. Alternatively, you can also get a technician to do this intricate work – at least by having a PSU tester you will be able to give a technician some idea of the fault.

These are out thoughts on gaming hardware also do let us know if you have any other ideas on your mind in comment section.

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