4 Free Web Resources To Develop Android Apps!

Currently, Google's Play Store consists of Lots of Applications and Games Fulfilling Users Requirement but still there are some niche that still need to be filled and Quality also to be maintained. You may also Develop your own Android App with Different Online tools but they are of Low Quality i.e, Not Much having Functions used. But if you are really passionate about making apps having influence of Programming Languages then This post may help you better!

Before you begin to make Android apps you should Understand what needs to Make them:

Java And XML Experience:

Android Apps Development generally done in Java. If you know C and C++ and Other base Languages then Java is not Difficult to you. You should learn Standard java that will make you understand easier to do great in Android Dev.
With Java Experience, XML is another great Factor used all over development. In those XML make it easier to to declare UI elements in the apps.

Development Environment:

In the early days, Eclipse was used as Development environment which is in Android SDK(Software Development Kit) but Now in the Near Future, Most of the Devs will use Android Studio and you will need latest environment.


This is Learning of input and output of the Android Dev Toolkit. Learn how to devlope Creative and Quality App that will help you to devlope more apps.

After getting all this things done with proper mind Now The time to take some tutorials and Getting in Development Environment. Following are Sites listed as Referance to Devlope Android Apps.

1)Official Android Developer Site

android dev site

This is the Best Place to begin as this is Official Android Dev Site. On this site, Everything explained including Previous Eclipse, Included IDEs and all tools mentioned in Getting Started tab.
Beginners will understand how to setup SDK and Other Things for building First Android App which will be Distributed in Play Store for making Money.
For Advanced users,API Guides and references helps them always seeking help.

2)Marakana Android Bootcamp Series 2012


This is Company that provides training to IT Professionals in different fields of apps.
They have released Series of Videos called the Android Bootcamp Series which is Mostly Helpful to Android Development. These videos are recorded during a fice-day training camp but these videos yaught in actual seminar environments by Professionals for Professionals.

There are various Videos with Various Timing length from Minutes to Hours!
You should take advantage of these videos to get inspired and Focus more.

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3)Development Tutorials on Vogella.com

android vogella

Vogella is Website Dedicated fully for Distribution + Acquisition of Knowledge on Java | Android | Eclipse. Vogella have a series of tuto for android Development and They are by Highly Professionals with Screenshots and Quick Advice on Different Things.
The tuto begin from Very Beginning like setting SDK, Environment and learnin basics.
The Quality of Resources is Great with low Quantity of Resources leading to Low-Time High Quality Articles.

4)Mobile Tuts+ Android

mobile tuts+This is another Great resources for tutorials in the Android Development. For a Newbie this is Great portal to learn and Expertise help to Professionals. In the Past 3 Years, More than 150 Dev Tutorials are posted.

Tut+ consists different Categories leading to ease in navigation of various Tutorials. These tutorials are categorized as Difficulty and Estimated Completion Time. Even with Lots of TXT Contents there are many screenshots according to topic.

This is The best Portal to Start learning Java and XML as it is basic foundation for dev of android apps. Mobile Tuts+ done great job for making the learning curve with ease tutorials.

These all Web Resources are Totally FREE and Nothing to pay. For Doing Good in this, needs Understanding of concepts and Lot of Patience And Finally You may have App that everyone loves!

There may be Other resources available but these are preferred first than others because of Simple language and Tuto on Learning from Foundation.

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