Ask any great DJ what the secret to their success is, and the most likely response will be the quality and performance of sound output. You might have all the experience and skill in the world, but that will not mean much if your audience can’t hear what you are playing.

The problem is that consistently achieving high-quality sound output during live performances is no easy task. However, you can resolve this with the kind of equipment you choose to use. Please note that this is dependent on a number of factors including your budget, music preferences, and the type venues you play in. With this in mind, how can you choose the best PA speaker to fit your needs?


First, you have to understand the difference between passive and active speakers. Passive speakers have only basic functionality and need a power amplifier to produce sound. On the other hand, active speakers, can be directly connected to a mixer because they have an inbuilt power amplifier. However, this means each powered speaker requires an electrical power cable. Before investing in such a system, it is advisable to read reviews of powered PA speakers to ensure you fully understand what you are going to buy. When shopping for a powered PA speaker, you should consider the features below:

  1. Power Requirements

Start off by considering the wattage of the speakers and the power of the amplifier. This is because the power requirements of your system will shift in response to the size of the audience. Thus, larger audiences will require a more powerful speaker system.

It is better to have a powered PA speaker system with a slightly overestimated wattage. This will be more efficient than a smaller system working under operational constraints. It also helps to reduce sound distortion.

  1. Portability and Flexibility of Use

Before buying a speaker, you should think of how often you are going to transport it. If you are going to be transporting it regularly, then it is important to consider a light system that can be carried by hand, a retractable handle, or rolling caster wheels.

This also extends to the type of venues you will play at. After all, larger or outdoor locations have different requirements in comparison to smaller indoor venues. A good system will give you the ability to easily add on extras such as companion speakers.

  1. Potential For Future Upgrades

It is important for you to consider a powered PA speaker system that will grow with you as you evolve in your career as a DJ. Here, the basic thing to look for is a speaker that has multiple output and input jacks. This will make it easier for you when you start expanding and upgrading your equipment. You should also note that, with the advancement of technology, it becomes necessary to consider options that allow for digital connectivity.

  1. System Components

This includes the PA system you are going to buy, as well as your entire set of DJ equipment. Before making any purchase, ensure that all the internal components – such as the amplifier – are in good working order. This will influence the functionality and overall performance of the speaker.

Conversely, you will need to consider the impact different speakers will have on your current DJ equipment. This is because having low performing DJ equipment will limit the capabilities of even the most high-end powered PA speaker.


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