4 Beneficial Reasons to Use a Rideshare Service


As statistics show, ridesharing saw 1.1 million requests every week in 2014. This shows how fast ridesharing services grew and as it is, their demand is still very high. Besides making it easy to move from one point to another, ridesharing has its own unique perks. Below are the top 4 benefits for using a ridesharing service;

Connects people

Using a rideshare service will bring you together with other people. In addition to getting to your destinations, it creates a connection between the driver and passenger and between the passengers. What’s more, some vehicle demands are so high that they fill the vehicle. Whether it is a short or long distance, a relationship between the four people is created all the same spiking conversations and creating open minds. Also, you will get to meet other people from different backgrounds.

It is cheap

Rideshare services have made it easier to travel even for long distances because of its affordability. This is one of the major reasons why it became popular in a very short period of time. In fact, it will save you up to 50% to travel using a rideshare service than it is travelling with public transport. Uber has been most apparent with this and statistics at Ridester.com show it all. On the downside, taxi drivers have seen their businesses fall at a high rate and have even taken legal action claiming that uber is affecting their business, taking it from them unfairly. To boot, requesting for a ridesharing service is an easy process, whether it is from your phone or computer.

Reduces road congestion

Using a ridesharing service will go a long way to reduce road congestion. When everyone is using their own car, the rods are more filled resulting to congestion. Ridesharing offers a solution to reduce the congestion on roads by conveniently getting more than one person to their destination. You will share your ride with other three people and comfortably move to your destination, avoiding the frustration of being stuck in traffic.

The environment benefits

The environment has seen gradual changes due to global warming effects cause by greenhouse gases. Although some cities have come up with solutions to keep air free from these gases, the problem of global warming is still at large. Ridesharing greatly contributes to improving and making the environment more habitable. When four people share a car to get to their destination, it means three times less of greenhouse gas emission. In spite of the fact that there is lack of research to back it up, logically, the math adds up.

Bottom line

Just like any other business, ridesharing services help to boost the economy but most importantly, they have other unique benefits they offer. From creating connections between different people to improving the environment as well as saving a few bucks. That creates more reason for you to use these services as it is a great way to connect with other people while creating a better environment.

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