Now-a-days, Most of the people use different internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer too. Working within browser environment is easy as you need to enter URL in address bar and hit the enter! Also, with ease use of mouse you may do lot work and without any headache but still it has became necessary to use Keyboard as main input device.

I think many people will be knowing of this shortcuts but still they don't use them all 😛

Here is short list which you may remember and try them on any web browser. While surfing the web, you may use different keyboard shortcuts as per your use:


  • Home: Will take you at the top of webpage
  • End: Will take you to end of webpage
  • Mouse's Middle Click: Scroll along the mouse's Vertical movement
  • Page Up: Up frame
  • Page Down: Down frame
  • Shift+Spacebar:Fold of entire webpage
  • Spacebar: Fold of entire webpage


  • Ctrl and + / Ctrl+ Mousewheeel Up: Zoom in
  • Ctrl and – / Ctrl+ Mousewheeel Down: Zoom Out
  • Ctrl+o: Default Zoom Level

Mouse + Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Middle Click on tab: Will close it
  • Ctrl+Left Click / Middle Click on a link: Will open link in background tab
  • Ctrl+Shift+Left Click / Left Click: Will open a link in a new tab

Tab/Window Shortcuts:

  • Alt+F4: Close the browser
  • Ctrl+F4: Close the tab/browser window
  • Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+8: Switching between tabs with specified location
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab / Ctrl+Page Dn: Switch to left side tabs
  • Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Page Up: Switch to right side tabs
  • Ctrl+9: Switch to last tab
  • Ctrl+N: Will open a new browser window
  • Ctrl+T: Open a New Tab


  • Alt+Home: Opens Up Homepage
  • Backspace / Alt+Left Arrow: Go Back
  • Shift+Backspace / Alt+Right Arrow: Go Forward
  • Esc: Stop loading
  • F11: Full screen mode
  • F5: Refresh Tab/Window
  • F6 / Ctrl+L: Get your cursor in Address bar
  • Alt+Enter: Duplicate the current working tab


  • Ctrl+E: Your cursor will get in built-in search box of browser.
  • Ctrl+F / F3: Shows up In-page search bar

Bookmarking and Other:

  • Ctrl+O: Open a file from your pc
  • Ctrl+S: Saves the webpage
  • Ctrl+P: Prints the current page
  • Ctrl+D: Will bookmark current webpage
  • Ctrl+J: Will open downloads
  • Ctrl+H: Will open history
  • Ctrl+U: Open a source page in new tab
  • F12: Developer Mode

We know there are many other shortcuts for different web browsers but we have mentioned commonly used, set as common on most browsers and it will let you work on any type of web browser.

If you know any other shortcuts, you may comment below and that will help me to add them in this list.


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