We already saw the “Despicable Me” and Part II too Movie with number of minion with their awesome story. Animation and different characters are very well designed and looks attractive ones. There are many minion characters with their own hair style, clothing, and many more options though.

If you thinking to make one custom minion character with your own custom style, then you may design it with the following easy minion makers consisting of different design tools though. You may try to make one from scratch or with any photo editing tool but why go for complex process when you can make it easily with the options we have mentioned as following:

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There are 3 ways from which you may make your own minion, such as From Desktop web resource and directly from the android smartphone apps too.


minion maker simple

From above mentioned chiquitabananas supports web standalone minion creator with different creative options including Glasses, Mouth, Hair etc. After you finalise it, you may give name to it and download it on your pc or send via social buttons including facebook, twiter, gplus, etc.

But the options given for designing are somehow not sufficient like you can”t change clothing, shoes or any other things.

minion maker flash

Dressupwho”s Minion maker is fantastic alternative with lot of customization options packed in Flash powered game.
Once the flash is loaded fully you may start designing your very own minion with the tools provided by them.

This includes customization of hairs, clothing, goggles, hand gloves, and finally random character creator too. If you want to make one attractive and without any headache within a minute then you may try random minion character creator.

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3)Despicable Minion Maker:
despicable minion creator

Like above mentioned ChiquitaBananas minion creator, Oat Labs developer already made android application for android users to make minions from directly android smartphone.

Although this is small android app but have lot of customization options too.

Features you will get:

  • Multiple Hair Styles
  • Lots of Eyes
  • Funny Smiles
  • Different Clothes

This app is not big in size as its of only 3.9 MB and Many of users already got hands on it. If you are not able to make minion on desktop or want to have fun with making on your portable gadget then this is must app to use.

Overall Playstore Rating: 4.5

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Final Words:

Minions are the characters from Despicable Comedy Movie with good animation work too. You may try any suitable option or customizable creators from above list and use the created minion as Profile picture or for any other use though.

So, Have fun with making your very own minion yourself!!


  1. “…use the created minion as Profile picture or for any other use though”

    Are you sure about using the picture for any use? could i use it as a help character on my commercial website?
    Thanks in advance


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