The music industry is facing numerous challenges including a sustained drop in revenues because of a continued fall in album sales. More specifically, selling physical albums is a difficult undertaking in today’s world because consumers prefer digital content to physical albums. The problem with digital content is that many people pirate this music instead of buying it from online stores. These stores include Amazon MP3, Google Music, and iTunes in addition to other music-based sites such as Spotify, Napster, and eMusic. Musicians have diversified their business model in response to these challenges. Part of this diversification includes an emphasis on marketing their concerts to maximize ticket sales. Here are 3 tips to creating marketing materials for the music industry.


  1. Use a Consistent Set of Design Elements
    Attending music events is a luxury for many people. That means most of them are working hard in school or at work. They only go for these concerts to relax and have some fun. These people have a limited amount of time to read posters or click on online advertisements. Consequently, capturing their attention is a difficult task. However, having a consistent set of design elements in your marketing materials would do that. More specifically, they will identify you immediately as soon as they notice a specific element in poster or online ad. Therefore, sticking to a specific logo, graphic, color, or typeface is an excellent idea because people will identify you easily. They will pause for a while to read the poster even if they were busy. They save the link to read it later if they are viewing the material online.
  2. Make Effective Use of Space on the Material
    The marketing material that you use will always have some free space on it. This space conveys a message to your audience. For example, perhaps you had nothing else to say so you have a great deal of space left on the material. It is also possible that you do not know how to make effective use of space on promotional items. The question that follows is whether you can plan music events effectively when your marketing materials show that you lack creativity. Take this space seriously. Do not jam too much information in one area. Instead, spread it evenly across the marketing material. Then use vectors such as piano clip arts from to fill areas that have too much space.
  3. Make Sure That the Content Is Inspirational
    The content that you have in your marketing material matters because it communicates your intentions. For example, what will you do at the music event? Will you sing? Will you be an MC at someone’s event? Have you asked anyone else to accompany you to the event? These details will help people decide whether the event is worthwhile. Whatever you write on the promotional material should be truthful as well. Being truthful ensures that you do not disappoint anyone attending your event or buying your product. However, hyping whatever you are promoting is okay, but make sure that the promotion lives up to the hype. Adding a call to action is another excellent idea. For example, include a sentence in these materials that asks the readers to bring their friends to your event.


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