3 Effective Chrome Ad Blockers That You Must Use

The initial question that requires to be answered here is, what is a chrome ad blocker? It’s an extension that can be added to the Chrome browser. Its function is simple yet effective. This extension helps a user to avoid unnecessary ads and block the pop-ups. Moreover, it can also help the user work in peace. Many times, while you are working, tabs start opening unnecessarily, and this creates a lot of problems for a user.


There are various ad blockers for Google chrome available on the web and though the function might be simple, there are distinct features they provide. Now it is solely for you to decide which ad blocker you have to use. In this list, we have confined it only to chrome as it is one of the most popular browsers of 2019.

Addressing the issue of privacy

Many people widely argue that these data collect information and use them in the wrong manner. Both the part of the statements has to be broken down to understand the issue of privacy properly. Yes, it is true that some level of data collection takes place for the content-driven ads some of the ad blockers provide. Though this is done through an algorithm and not through mechanical means, so there is no subjective picking of data or users. Secondly, the usage is never done in a wrong manner. When you install an application, make sure to read its terms and conditions. One of the salient features of ad blockers is that there can be no wrong usage, and if there is, they are liable for it under law.

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People are safe to use these applications. Moreover, this is necessary when you are working on something. You don’t want your flow to be broken by ads. It is a proven fact that advertisements hamper productivity. As then, you would feel like taking a break, and your schedule will be delayed.

Here are the three most effective Chrome ad blocker that you must use:


Ghostery is one of the growing AdBlock chrome extensions in this industry due to the new and innovative features it has brought to the table. Along with that, they have a team of hardworking people that helps the users in every minor issue they have. This application provides for modular control over the ads and helps you regulate them in the manner you want. Many people have this misconception that AdBlock in google chrome store data and infringe privacy. This is not the case with Ghostery; it merely acts as an agent that helps prevent ads in the best manner possible.

Adblock Plus

This application is leading the market with over 100million users as these people have invested trust in this extension. Though there are some ads that are approved are permitted by the ad blocker. However, this is not an absolute thing that they do; you can turn off the feature of acceptable ads from the settings and enjoy ad-free content. They are focused on providing the best browsing experience a user can have, and by far they have been successful in doing so.

Chrome Ad blocker

Chrome ad blocker as the name suggests is simple in its operation and is one of the best AdBlock for chrome whose applications won’t zone out after Manifest V3 comes into force. It has a simple functioning mechanism that can be easily understood by anyone. You can go into settings and blacklist sites to stop seeing the ads on the website you don’t want. This is a content-driven application and can help you in making your surfing process easier.

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The settings functionality is quite detailed, and you don’t have to worry about facing any issues with respect to modifications and control over the application. This is a transparent extension that lays down each and everything clearly. The terms and conditions are detailed, and a user should go through them before accepting them.

Still not satisfied?

If you are still concerned about many of the risks these chrome ad blockers possess or are not satisfied with the working of it, you have the option to switch browsers. New browsers have this inbuilt feature where you don’t have to install a 3rd party application and still get the benefit of working advertisement free. Some of the browsers have pledged to stop ads in an absolute sense like Opera, Vivaldi, and Brave.

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