Connectivity and Transfer of Files plays Big Role in Smartphones and from this Speed of connectivity matters.

We already familiar with Bluetooth,WiFi,NFC(Near Field Communication),USB OTG(On The Go).Bluetooh Functionality is common in now-a-days Smartphones,but NFC and Wifi are Newer Features in Those Smartphones.

Today,We are introducing you with 3 best Apps Available from Android”s Google Play Store for the File Transfer via WIFI Connectivity and may be many people may know about this also.We have already tried these applications and so her e we expressed out Experience with Average Rating.

We will Introduce All 3 Apps One By One:

1) SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share


This is the Most Used App for Wifi Files Transfer,as it supports QR Code or NFC Pairing.The Files are transferred Fast Via WiFi Direct.As like Other Apps,No more Clicks or manual approvals for connections.

Average Rating:4.8


Share files between devices using NFC or QR code scanning.

•Amazing fast transfer speeds using WiFi direct.

• Switches to hotspot mode automatically for devices that doesn”t support WiFi direct.

•Can use existing WiFi network connection between devices in case WiFi direct fails.

• Works with all 3rd party file managers and photo galleries.

• Advanced settings for geeks!

All transmitted files are stored under “/sdcard/SuperBeam” directory and Duplicated Files will be sorted automatically.

XDA Support Thread:

For devices with cutsom ROMs

WiFi direct doesn”t work well with custom ROMs. Please follow these steps to switch to hotspot (tethering) mode if WiFi direct is causing you issues:

1- Open SuperBeam scanner.

2- Tap options > settings.

3- Tap Advanced settings > Preferred direct method.

4- Choose Hotspot.

5- Close SuperBeam and try sharing again.

(2) WiFi File Transfer


WiFi File Transfer app is Easy-to Use Web Interface which is Do Same Work Of File Transfer via WiFi but in the Trial or Free Version you can”t Upload files larger than 5 MB.

Average Rating: 4.5


•You may Upload or download multiple files at once

•Have Password authentication (optional)

• Shortcuts to photo, video and music directories

• Can be Run as a background service

• View photos directly in your web browser (integrated thumbnail gallery)

• Provides access to external SD cards and USB storage devices

For The Working of App your Device and Your PC should be Connected to Local Wlan Network and if you would like to use this app on Public WiFI Networks,Make Sure To Set Password in App Settings.

(3) Fast File Transfer:


Average Rating: 4.3

This is most Simple App for Transferring Files via Wifi by Making A Wifi Hotspot connection and transferring files by Connecting to Hotspot and then Entering IP with Port for File Transfer,Since this is based on Hotspot,no need of any Internet Connection Required.

As Usual features:

Wifi Speed File Transfer i.e,Up to 20x Speed of Bluetooth

Easy to setup and Receiver is Device-Independent

For Receiving the file no need of app required in Receivers Device.

Send Single or Multiple Files

Displays QR code for Faster Receiving.

The transfer speed this app offers depends on the sender and receiver device. The highest value Developer  measured is 33 Mbit/s which means 1 GB in under 5 minutes.

Overall We may say,That all applications have their own Features and limitations too and You may Choose what suits your phone with Specifications that you have.

Have A Nice Day!

[Images Credits to Google Play Store]

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