Have You Ever Wondered or Imagined that We may do lots of things except the Searching simply the Keywords or Phrases we want.
Searching Over the Internet with Different parameters like Images,Videos,Blogs,Information has became easy with Google and Now even many of us started using Google+ and its Different Features such as Hangouts,Screen Sharing(like Team Viewer).

Lets get started and I will demonstrate everything what can you do with Google Search In Following Video:

1)Ignore Spelling

google auto correct

Google Search has Integrated With Auto Correction to Spelling Mistakes, i.e, Even if you typed A Keyword with Spelling Mistakes, Google will Correct it for you.
For e.g,: Goooogle
>> Do you mean by : Google ?

2)Search With An Exact Phrase

With Simple Keywords search, If You want to search something exact for something then you may try Searching that term within “” but You will miss the relevant results related to phrase without Quotes!

For e.g,”Alexander Bell”

3)Search Within A Specific WebSite

soec site search

This is Great Search like a specific Website have to search between different Posts from that Site Only.
Just Type in Google Search as:


and you will get related results about Sysberto Blog only.

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4)Don't Worry about Punctuation : best restaurant, new york?

Google Search Engine made with very accurate and Better Algorithm and so, whatever you search, Google will Ignore the Punctuation and Display the optimal Results.

For E.g,: best restaurant, new york?

5)Find Recipes :

You may Find the Specific Recipe or ingredients by Selecting “Recipes” if the left panel of google search.

For e.g, “peanut butter broccoli noodles”

6)Get number conversions

google number conversions

Now You may do Number Conversions like Miles to km or vice versa with different Available quantities directly from Google Search.

For e.g, Search “miles to km”

7)Search The Time

search global time

See Time of any city or country by Google search.

For e.g, Search “time aurangabad”

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8)Do Currency Conversions

google currency converter

As we already saw that Google can do Conversions of Different Measuring Quantities,so We also can do Currency Conversions too directly from Google Search.

For e.g, Search “USD to INR”

9)Check the weather

weather google check

You may simply Search for Weather about any City with its Zip Code / Pin Code / or City Name directly.

For e.g, Search “Weather Aurangabad”

10)Realtime stock quotes

From The Share Market, typing any ticker symbol into the search box will get you realtime stock quotes that update live in your Search Results.

For e.g, : Search “GOOG”

11)Set Timer with Alarm too

google use as timer

Now You may site Timer with Sound too and use it like a Alarm 😀

For e.g,: Search “Timer 5sec” (5sec= any time)

12)Track your packages

track courier on google

Track your UPS, FedEx, or USPS packages by typing the tracking number directly into the search box. The results will show you the status of your shipment.

For e.g,: Search “Tracking Number”

13)Get definitions

define search google

Now Find Definition about particular topic by
Putting define: in front of any word to get its definition.

For e.g,: Search “define: loquaciousness”

14)Search by>> Advanced image search

Use Advanced Image Search to find With Specific Size, colour or type of photo or drawing. With the help of Tools in the left panel, you can filter your search to include only photos with faces, clip art, high-resolution images or only images that are available for commercial use.

for e.g, : Search “mount mckinley”

15)Calculate anything Even Trigonometric too

google calculator

Google can convert different things to another one and so,
It also have Calculator inbuilt So, You can use the Google Calculator too solve your Queries easily.

for e.g, Search “100*3.14-cos(83)=”

16)Locate earthquake activity at different places

Typing EarthQuake in Search bar, you may find different Results with Location and also outside of Country where the Earthquake related info/news is being displayed.

For e.g,: Search “earthquake”

17)Search by Location/PinCode

Now You may get Nearest rib joints, Phone Numbers and map ofcourse by Adding a zip code at the end of any place and even if you don't included ZIP Code, Google may suggest places for you.

For e.g,: Search “barbecue ribs 35201”

18)Search locations by zip,area codes or Pincodes

To know where a given zip code,area code or pin code is located? Just type it into the search box to get its Pincode or ZIP

For e.g, 431003

19)Shop and compare With Shopping Tab

To Shop smartly with Prices shown ? Then Just Search the products you want to purchase and Google will show you the results.

Note: This service is Location Dependent,may not be avail at all places.

20)Get local sunrise/sunset times

google sunrise timer

Now, See the exact timings of Sunrises and Sunsets of any cities in the world.

Just Search “sunrise city name”

21)Get movie times

google movie

Wanna Go For Movie ? Find the Movie with Theater locations and With Showtimes in your area.

Just Search: “movie”

22)Read Public Books For Free

google books free

Now Read the complete texts of public domain works like Moby Dick for free by selecting “books” in More Options and typing your Search Query.

23)Check flight schedules easy way

google flight schedules

With Google Simplified Search, You may find flight schedules to or from any particular destination.You may add any other location with to and from and view the schedule for a specific route. [Flight schedule data is provided by OAG and QuickTrip by Innovata]

For e.g,: Search “flights from mumbai to delhi”

24)Check flight timings

google flight timing

With Accessing Flight Schedules of different Airways based on location, You may see the Flight Timings too by just searching name of the airline and the flight number.

For e.g, : Search “frontier 667”

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25)Examine public data with Graphics

examine public data with google

With Google's advanced search features, you may search demographic terms like Population or unemployment rate.You may search for any state or country and you will get instant data about your chosen location directly from the U.S Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For Example: search “unemployment rate colorado”

26)Find Medication Information

google medication info

Now With the help of google, You may search the name of a generic or brand-name presciption drugs and we'll display it summary and description. You can click on links displayed under Results to find out more.

For e.g, : search “zyrtec”

27)Google Voice Search:

 google voice search over kb

Now With Traditional Keyboard Input Search, You may try Searching with Voice too like as you have seen on Smartphones.

Just Get on Google.com and Search with Voice (Laptop / Headset Microphone Needed to Work)

There may be more Tricks to do with Google that I have not mentioned here but Because of all these things, Google is at Top Most Position with Majorely Used Search Engine worldwide.

In short, We may do many of things by just Single Site i.e, Google that we do by Downloading many apps and surfing many of WebSites over the internet.

Enjoy With Sysberto!



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