Laptops Specially Ultrabooks hitting Currently in The Market but Choosing A Laptop as Our Requirement is very Different Task.

We have made A Simple Guide with Suggestions, So you may Choose Your Laptop Perfectly.

First of all Decide your Maximum Budget as it will clear you what you can get!

Let us talk about Different Things:


In Computers, Processor is Main Thing Where All Your Processing is Done With great Accuracy and Tremendous Speed. In the Market,

There are AMD | Intel Processors with their Motherboards also Apple MacBook have Their Own Processor.
Choose Right Processor as per your Work Load and Requirements.
Intel “i” Series Processors are latest in the market with Different Varients like i3,i5 and i7.

AMD introduced New Processor with Great Capability of Graphics Processing,Generally AMD used for GFX Purposes.

Atleast, Get i3 Processor if you are opting for Intel Notebooks.

If you are Opting for Netbook Type Laptop , then AMD or Intel Atom is preferred.

Graphic Card:

While Choosing Laptop, Gamer Community See Graphic Card first also Those who want to Run Diffrent Graphics Related Applications like Auto CAD and Other Animation Softwares Graphic Card is Necessary.

Graphics card available in Different Capacities like 512MB | 1GB | 2GB.

Nvidia and AMD gives variety of Options to Choose Appropriate GFX card.

Most Probably, Graphic cards are Fitted on Motherboard Permanently i.e, You can't Replace
it So,Before Buying see if it have Slot and If not then Plan for Higher Capacity as per
You Budget.

In Netbook, there is less Graphics memory but sufficient for Small Purposes.


Random Access Memory is Main Peripheral After Processor that processes Temporary Processes and Many of Things on it.
With Processor Performance, RAM is Essential for Speed of your Laptop.

There are some types of RAM Like DDR1 | DDR3.

Choose Notebook having RAM of atleast 4GB as Most of the New Software require that much of Memory.
Also, Check if RAM is Expandable up to what Capacity for Future Changes.

Netbooks comes with Less RAM in Default.You may expand via additional slots.

Hard Disk Capacity:

HDD are Used for Storage of Data on your Laptop, which is available in Many Capacities like 500GB | 750GB.

Also, Now-a-days Company offers some Solid-state-Drives(SSD) too with Options of HDD.

SSD have Tremendous Speed than HDD because of Flexibility transfer of Data but it costs much high than HDD.
So,Be sure to check if System have capability to support SSD and HDD Both without any Problems.

We will suggest, Get 500GB+ HDD and get External HDD too if you want to Store many of
Things in it.

Netbooks have HDD Size as less than 500GB preferred mostly.

Screen Size and Resolution:

Wide-screen notebooks, which have an aspect ratio of 16:9, offer larger, sharper Images Display with Great Resolution too. The More Screen Size more will be Weight and Also Less Portability.

Choose 15.5″ if you are traveller and opt for 17″ if you won't travel much.

Choose Ultrabooks as They are much Great in Portability but Currently are avail in 12.2 or More Sizes but they costs more.

Now-a-days, Full HD Resolution is influencing feature from Resolution View.

Netbook comes with Small Sizes than Notebooks.

Wifi | Bluetooth and Webcam:

Opt for WIFI with 802.11N Capability, Bluetooth Connectivity and A Good Webcam With Better
Resolution for Video Calling.

Netbook comes default with Above Connectivities.

USB and HDMI Connectivity:

USB 2.0 is old version familiy in USB Hosts while USB v3.0 is latest one with Great
advancement with Previous Ports like Increase in Transfer Speed and Some Device

HDMI(High Definition Multimedia Interface) allows you to Extend your Laptop screen with A
HD LED or LCD.This feature may allow you to connect with Projector with Great Image and
Video Quality rather than Usual VGA Port.


sound laptop

Sound plays big role in Media PC,i.e, Sound Performance and Different Places plays important role in Sound Flatness.

Sound Systems like Beatz | ClearAudio+ | Dolby Sound are Great Sound Delivers.

While Checking out A Laptop,Be sure to checkout the Labels mentioned above.

Sound Quality is less in Netbook because of Small Size.

Keyboard and Mouse:


Many of Keyboards comes with Numerical Keypad and some are not providing now-a-days by combining them with Existing Alphabets.

Back-lit Keyboards are currently hitting the market as There is Background Light behind
the keys so you can work in Darkness without any hassle.

Laptop comes with trackpad as usual but Choosing A right TrackPad with Gestures, Motions
will be beneficial to you anytime So,Choose it Wisely.

Netbook comes with Small Trackpad and Keyboard buttons are small as compared to Notebooks.

Additional Slots:

Like a PCI slot in a desktops, a PC Card (or PCMCIA) in a Laptop provides expansion
opportunities. Additional USB and FireWire ports, wired and wireless modems, and wireless
LAN radios are all available in PC Card.

You may also opt for Finger-Print Security Sensor too.

DVD/BD Drive:

Choose DVD/BD Drive which can burn and read All types of media that the drive should support—CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R DL, etc.

Mostly, Netbooks does'nt come with DVD Writer nor Reader.

Battery Backup:

With the new Lithium-ion batteries replaced nickel-cadmiums because they're lighter, have
a higher energy density, and don't suffer from recharge-inhibiting memory effect. Also
look out for battery capacity (measured in milliamp hours, or mAh), and the number of
cells, Higher mAh Capacity will give high Backup.

Netbook have Battery backup as Sufficient as per they are preferred over Small Workings.


In The World of Portability, Weight matters of Laptops | Notebooks.
As Great Featres integrated more the Weight of Laptop goes increasing, so Choose Ultabooks
which gives great Feature and Portability with lite in weight if itz in your Budget.

Netbook offeres Very less Weight but With less Features too.

Where to Buy:

You may buy from Online Shopping E-Commerce Sites like Amazon | eBay | Flipkart and Many other With Cash on Delivery or any other Option with Bill and Valid warranty Card.

Else,You will get Good Discount from Local Seller in your Area and be sure to get it with Bill and warranty Card.


Finally, After Purchasing Laptop like Notebook or Netbook it will Perform well but what if you get any Problems in it?

There are Different Types of Warranty like Accidental Warranty | International Warranty and Others.

In Accidental Warranty, Your System will be replaced directly and International Warranty gives you option to repair it even you are out of local.

So, This Simple Guide will help you before you buy a New Laptop of  Type NoteBook or Netbook.

We hope now you may Choose your System Wisely and Enjoyed the Article.

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