E-commerce experts predict that online shopping around the world will grow massively in volume in the next few years, surpassing any past forecasts and speculations. This is indeed a great time to be in the e-commerce industry and make a fortune as a digital entrepreneur.


If you’ve been planning to launch an e-commerce store, now is a good time to get started. To give you a head start as a successful online entrepreneur, here are 11 tips that will help you create and run a thriving e-commerce business.

  • Design your ecommerce site bearing in mind the immense competition you will face in any given niche. Insist on a design that’s clean, advanced, user-friendly, easy to navigate, easy to improve and amend, and, last but not least, appealing to your target customers. Work with a professional developer experienced in building sites on your preferred platform.
  • If you’re creating your own website from scratch, or if you prefer buying a ready-to-use e-commercetemplate, build the product on HTTPS so that your site will support search engine optimization and will have greater data security. If you’re not familiar with the underlying site-building technology, seek advice from an independent web developer before making any type of investment in building your e-store.
  • Don’t make the mistake of not having a mobile-friendly version of your site. An increasing number of online shoppers are now using their cell phones and tablets to research and shop, and you don’t want to lose out on this customer base by not having an app or site that users can navigate on their phones.
  • Host your website on a reputable and trusted e-commerceand web hosting service that packs in a number of key features at pricing your new business can afford. Look for a hosting provider that will help you build a fast and secure e-commerce site.
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  • Get a payment gateway and a credit card processor well in time, for which you’ll first need to have a secure checkout system in place and establish shipping, delivery, and returns/refund process. Test and retest the payment and checkout process until you’re sure there are no issues.
  • Invest in a good affiliate program. Your marketing affiliates will boost your business by promoting your product or service amongst their audience. A well-designed affiliate program can help increase your reach and bring ongoing referral traffic to your site. Such plans work on commission, that is, the online marketer will be paid a small commission every time a visitor referred from their blog or social media makes a purchase on your site.
  • Hire a trusted backlinking service that can help you create legit backlinks on high-traffic websites in your niche. These backlinks are naturally placed in high-quality content such as articles and blog posts, which lead the reader to your site when they click on the link. White-hat link-building is a proven digital marketing tool that’s helped millions of online businesses create a strong presence among their target audience.
  • Inter-link your site pages so that users can easily navigate the site and create a design that will encourage visitors to spend extended time exploring your website. For instance, when a visitor views a certain product that’s out of stock, they should be able to view similar products so that they won’t immediately abandon the site. Such small yet significant features is what sets apart a good e-store and makepeople want to come back to your e-store.
  • Use a robust on-page and off-page SEO strategy to increase organic traffic to your e-commerce store. Work with an SEO company with experience in serving your specific type of business. For instance, if you’re a B2B commercial transportation provider, you would not want to work with an SEO service that has mostly served online grocery or clothing stores.
  • Use remarketing as a key component of your digital marketing strategy. More commonly known as retargeting, this is a digital marketing process that helps online stores advertise to visitors who abandoned their site without buying their product or service. The underlying technology gives your business a chance to recapture lost customers by showing your ads to them while they browse other sites.