10 Websites to Spark Up a Dull Day

10 Websites to Spark Up a Dull Day

Even if you spend a lot of time watching videos, playing games and searching for information on the Internet you still wouldn't come across every unique website or app. There are so many websites to visit from highly technical sites to casino sites that offer online games.

Check out some of the most amazing, useful and interesting websites that cyberspace brings to you today.

Bought it Once

It's not exactly a big news story that companies don't make products to last. A consumer reporter once estimated that appliance makers build appliances – including big-ticket items such as fridges, washing machines and stoves – to last 7 years. They want people to feel that they have “gotten some use” out of it but they want the appliance to break so that they'll go out and buy another one!

The site “Bought it Once” provides a list of the longest-lasting appliances and products so you know which ones are built to last. There are seven  categories of items – items for home, bathrooms and tools as well as clothes, tools and general. If, for instance, you're looking for a new fridge, you simply click on the “kitchen” tab and then scroll through the items for kitchen to find a long-lasting fridge.

The search bar on this site doesn't seem to work well but you can find the item that you want by scrolling down on the relevant page. Great consumer tool, especially for big purchases.

The Useless Web

There was once a site called “UselessWeb” but it proved so popular that it morphed into a bunch of sites, all of which are designed to direct you to the most useless websites imaginable. Type in “useless web” in your browser's search bar and you will have your choice of TheVerge, ProductHunt, Dawn.com, GitHub and a host of other sites that act as portals to useless websites. You can find useless websites by simply scrolling down the pages and clicking on the suggested sites. Enjoy the giggle.

Child's Own

In a few weeks and with a few clicks you can create a softie toy from any photo or painting. You can make the toy for a child or use a child's drawing or painting to make the toy Take an image and upload it to the Childsown.com website. Choose the type of softie that you want and place your order. The site's artisans find the fabrics, colours and shapes needed to create your own softie.  Child's Own will send a photo of the proposed softie to the client so that they can make changes if they wish. Then the softie is shipped. From start to finish, the process takes about a month.

College Humor

CollegeHumor is just what you'd expect it to be – a site devoted to juvenile-type humor. The site is often referred to as “highly addicting” and represents daily life situations and issues presented through funny memes, comics, graphics, and video content.


CamelCamelCamel is a must for online shoppers. It's the Amazon price tracker that will show you the evolution of a product's prices over the last year. You can use it to determine if you're buying at the wrong time.  Submit any Amazon product URL to CamelCamelCamel and the site will tell you how its price has changed in the recent past.

A Good Movie to Watch

How often have you seen someone throw out the question on social media “what's a good movie to watch?  If you are interested in finding out what the crowdsourcing community says about good, fun movies, without the professional critics' opinions, take a look at the website AGoodMovieToWatch.

This site removes the  time and effort that it takes to find a relaxing movie for your leisure viewing time.  There's a search button so you can choose your preferred movie genre and mood and then sit back and wait for the information to come in about suggested films.

Draw a Stickman

Are you a doodler? Draw a stick man takes doodling to a new level with some creative imagination and graphics. Once you log into the site you draw your own stickman. Then the website takes your stickman on an adventure of  suspense, intrigue, imagination and other types of excitement.


Patatap is a fascinating website that plays sounds and shows animations for each character as you press on that character's icon  on the keyboard. Type out a sentence and you get an explosion of colours,  movement and sounds! It's relaxing addicting and hypnotising, all at the same time.

Damn You Auto Correct

If you text on a smartphone keyboard you’ve probably had to type even more text as you explain how your phone's auto-correct created a new word as it “corrected” your original intention.

Damn You Auto Correct features real funny texts that were submitted. These texts were sent between people who experienced communication problems that come with auto correct on a mobile device and are willing to share their funny experiences with the world. It's fun and entertaining to see the kinds of words and phrases that accidentally pop up, thanks to the phone's attempt to “help”.


If This than That (IFTTT) is an interesting service that can automate a wide range of activities that you usually do manually.  It can automatically text you weather reports, post new pics to your FB/Insta profile when you upload it on Google Drive, light up when an Uber driver arrives, turn on lights when the pizza is delivered and automate a wide range of additional daily tasks.

This is Why I am Broke

Are you on the lookout for new and innovative gift ideas? The This is Why I am Broke website will help you find unique gifts for recipients of any age. Costs range from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars. You'll always be able to find something for that person “who has everything.

Let us know what you think about all these websites in below comments. 😀

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