In the Today's Internet Life, All things become so Easier but with this ease Exploitation
or Hacking Related Things also Increasing by Different [email protected] Attempts like
Phishing,Bomber Spamming,etc. Most of Service and Communication are done through Internet
Services like Social Networking, E-mails, Vo-IP Callings, SMS Texts, and many More.

Internet Banking, E-mails became Most Popular Features All Over the world.

But with this Great Technology,[email protected] also Exists which Can enter in your System Without Any Authentication.Many Internet Frauds, Scams are happening now-a-days.

So,We have Some Useful Ways to Secure your ID Over the Internet From Getting [email protected]!

1) Always Complete Transaction via SSL: While Doing Internet banking or Any Other Bank Transactions Always Complete them Via SSL 128 Bit Secured Link.

ssl secured 128bit

2) Don't Share Your ID's and Password to Others: Always Remember your All your Passwords and Use 2 Separate E-mail IDs with Separate passwords for them.

3)Include Numbers | Alphabets with Caps and Small | Special Characters in Passwords:
If you still confused about Setting A Strong Password, Use Password Generator Tools which are available on Internet.

4) Don't Use Cyber Cafe to Do Money Transactions or Shopping.

5)Even,If you used to Do Money Transaction Over the Internet,Do Clear Your Cache and history Before Leaving the Computer.

6) Install and Use Anti-Virus on Computer for Scanning Viruses & Spywares: Many of People try to Hack via different Applications like Adware, Keygens, KeyLoggers and Trojans Too.
So It is always Recommended to have Anti-Virus Installed on your PC.

7) Use Genuine Windows or Any Other Operating Systems and Softwares too.

8) Use Linus OS Environment For Internet: Linux is said to be great as it is Most Secured OS Plateform available than Windows or Any Other.

9) Don't Surf On [email protected] or [email protected] Sites as they may have some Tracking Codes or any other Plugins that may scan your system leading to Generate and Collect cookies from your Browser without knowing you.

10) Don't get Fooled Via Fraud E-mail: Many of us get E-mails saying “You have Won 1,00,000 $” and Then they ask your Personal Info like bank a/c etc.
Sometimes we get E-mail from Top Reputed Company's too Like Apply for Job but Deposit Rs.XX,XXX as Security Deposits.
This all things are Frauds and E-mails are sent via many Internet Services.

11) Remove Temporary Files From PC: Always Cleanup your Temporary files By using Ccleaner Software or Windows Disk Free Space Applications,as they contain Data about what you surf, what you doing and What you Downloads.

12) Use Better Firewall Software or Configure Windows Firewall Neatly.Getting New Firewall and maintaining it will do Great Security Work on your PC.

13) Always Use Virtual Keyboard If Available to Enter Sensitive Info: You may have seen,Keyloggers monitors all of your Activity even all your Keystrokes too, so You Should Enter Sensitive Information via Virtual Keyboard.

virtual keyboard

Now, We think You have Great Suggestions from us and If anything Remained or Not Included in our topic, Feel free to Comment We will love to add it 😀

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