10 Most Common Causes of Automotive Accidents

Automotive accidents are one of the most common causes of fatalities across the globe every year. Unfortunately, a majority of them are caused by human error and are completely preventable. This indicates that thousands of lives can be saved every year if safe driving becomes a way of life. Adherence to traffic rules can also make all the difference when it comes to preventing automotive accidents.

causes of car accidents

At the same time, it is important to be aware of the causes that lead to such accidents so that you can sideline them and practice safe driving every time you hit the road. Moreover, accident victims also need to be aware of their rights because it is possible to claim compensation for the injuries suffered during accidents caused due to someone else’s negligence. Here is a list of some of the most common causes of car/automotive accidents.

  1. Drunk driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the leading causes of road accidents across the globe. People who drive after drinking tend to lose their focus and concentration, which increases the chances of mishaps manifold. Such accidents are more common during holidays and weekends. Though several rules have been put into place and drivers are repeatedly checked and warned, people still do it and risk lives.

  1. Mechanical issues

While drunk driving is attributed to human error, some mechanical issues may also lead to auto accidents. The probability of a vehicle getting into an accident increases if it needs repairs. Drivers need to be particularly cautioned about brake and accelerator-related issues. Similarly, broken lights and mirrors should be replaced at the earliest because these hamper safe driving. Keeping regular checks and maintaining their automobiles is the prime responsibility of the owners. Still, mishaps may occur when mechanical issues arise suddenly.

  1. Weather conditions

Another factor that drivers cannot control is bad weather. Heavy rains and snowstorms, in particular, make road travel extremely unsafe because they increase the risk of the vehicle skidding and going out of control. Similarly, the chances of accidents run high when you drive in a fog because visibility often gets restricted. The best advice for drivers is to go slow or stop if possible when the weather goes bad. If you plan to travel on the highway, do check the weather forecast before setting out.

  1. Bad roads

An auto accident is not always the driver’s fault as bad roads can cause it too. Roads that are in need of repair can considerably affect the ability of the vehicles to steer and stop. Potholes, construction sites and poor visibility on roads are some of the key concerns for drivers. Things can get worse when the weather conditions are not conducive. Drivers should ideally avoid traversing such routes and be extra careful if they absolutely have to travel. Driving slowly and keeping the vehicle under control is the best thing to do.

  1. Distracted driving

While there are several factors that drivers cannot control, there are others that are completely avoidable. One of these is distracted driving, which is mostly attributed to calling, texting, and multitasking while driving. According to Jeffrey Preszler from PreszlerLaw.com, Ontario Provincial Police cite texting distractions as the cause of anywhere between thirty to fifty percent of all auto accidents in Ontario, despite existing laws. This is a dangerous practice as the driver’s focus is shifted towards the phone rather than the road, which can be fatal particularly at high speed.

  1. Aggressive driving

Some drivers, specific youngsters, tend to become aggressive once they are behind the wheel. This usually happens due to peer pressure or simply because they want to play cool. Older drivers often get aggressive due to stress. Whatever may be the reason, aggressive driving is risky behavior. People who drive aggressively practice activities such as speeding, tailgating, improper passing, weaving from lane to lane and ignoring traffic control. Such activities elevate the risk of accidents manifold and should be absolutely avoided.

  1. Driver fatigue

The stress and restlessness that are parts of the modern lifestyle impact human behavior in many ways and unsafe driving is one of them. This is the reason that driver fatigue emerges as one of the most common reasons for auto accidents. While some drivers simply doze off behind the wheel, others experience drowsiness due to some medication and poor health. The best things to do are to take good rest before long road trips, get short breaks during long drives and avoid medicines that make you feel sleepy.

  1. Speeding

Despite strict rules against exceeding the speed limits on the road, people still do it and cause an increase in the number of accidents. High speed, in fact, is one of the leading causes of fatalities during road accidents because the chances of life-threatening injuries are high. Not only are the drivers and passengers are at risk due to over speeding, but there is also a possibility of collisions and crashes which risks other vehicles and pedestrians as well. Speeding should be avoided, whether it is due to habit or just because you are late for work.

  1. Wrong-way driving

Another reason for auto accidents is wrong-way driving, which happens when people tend to ignore road signs and take wrong lanes on the highway. Whether intentional or accidental, such lapses are dangerous because they can result in horrible accidents. Drivers should pay attention to traffic rules and street signs, particularly when driving in unfamiliar areas. Extra caution should be taken while making turns because this is where most accidents occur.

  1. Tire blowouts

A sudden tire blowout can cause the vehicle getting out of control and swerves unexpectedly. Most drivers find it difficult to control the automobile when this happens. Being at high speed aggravates the risk even further. Staying calm and controlling speed is the key. It is recommended that you should check the tires properly before leaving for a long journey. In all circumstances, tires should be monitored on a regular basis.

While some of these causes are not avoidable, others can be completely prevented by driving carefully and taking some precautions on the road. These habits can save your life as well as those of others.

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