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For Every Blogger, Google Adsense is First Choice for AdNetwork Generating Revenue from Ads.But Due to few reasons we have to lookout for any other AdNetworks which Will pay Good CPM(Cost-Per-Impressions) and CPC(Cost-per-Click).

Your Adsense Approval may be Rejected on Many Factors,Like You are Under 18 of Age, Not Sufficient Media or Prohibiting Content on Blog, Or May be Your Adsense Account Banned because of some Reasons, etc.

Don”t Worry If Google Banned or Not Approved you as There are many Alternatives to Adsense.


We on Sysberto Got Rejected at our First Attempt because of Some Reasons,But Later on it got Approved.But Before using Adsense,We Tried Many AdNetworks that Are Trusted and Generates Good Revenue.We are sharing only Good AdNetworks,Because if you googled you will find 50 AdNetworks, but they Are Somewhat Useless like Low CPM | CPC and High Payout Settings.
Here are following Best Alternatives,Choose any one based on Your Site Criteria:

1. Chitika:


Chitika is one of the top choice when publishers come to seek for an Adsense alternative. Chitika’s ads are search query driven, that means your visitors will not see the ads unless they are coming into the website via search engine.
The Minimum PayOut: $10(Paypal) | $50 (Cheque)


It is Simply Joint Venture of Bing and Yahoo,whose Minimum Payout is of $100 via Paypal.

Its Too Great Alternatives as Quality Advertisers Support.



Clicksor support Different Ad Types/Formats. They are much popular now-a-days with Payout via Cheque or PayPal when your Earning Exceed $50.00



Its Latest and Best Choice For Now-a-days,with Great CPM,CPC ad plateform.

The Payout is very less as $1 via Paypal which is Great Feature from other AdMedia.



They have Different Type of Ad Formats that is,They Implement KeyWord links on your Blog by AutoConsideration of Clickable Words.The Minimum Payout is $50.


It’s another Ad Network used after AdSense. We have seen many famous Bloggers use them. It is like a Shop, where you can buy and sell ads. They pay upto 75% of the Revenue Generated. Payment method is Usual PayPal and minimum payout $50.



Its Quite Similar to Infolinks,But Provided with More Options from them as Like Text ads,PopUp Ads,Side Bar Ads. For More Info About their Ad Program you should Give Visit To Them.



This is also A new AdNetwork with High CPMsQuality Advertisers Support and They hunting For Low Traffic Sources/Sites.You may Calculate how much can you Earn by their Rate Calculator.The Payout rate is based on your Earning.

Hope This Article Will Stop Your Hunt For AdNetworks and If you have any query related to any Thing, Ask Freely In Comments we will try our best to Reply You.

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